Friday, April 22, 2011

Triathlon shirt

Walt wore his Team Wood shirt to ride his bike a few days ago. Of course, I made him pose and take pictures for me to post! His brother, Brian, will be competing in the triathlon in the same shirt.



Catching Up...

              We have not been so good at updating the blog lately, as you can tell! We have just been really busy with normal, everyday life! To bring you up to speed, Jordan got sick several Monday mornings back. It was March 28th. He woke up throwing up whole, undigested food from the night before. He continued to throw up small amounts all through the day. We took him to the pediatrician. He was pretty convinced that it was not a virus (Jordan did not have any fever or diarrhea and he acted pretty normal for the most part.) Chapel Hill worked us in for that Wednesday afternoon. Jordan continued to throw up on Tuesday and Wednesday as well.
               When we got to Chapel Hill on Wednesday, he had a stomach X-ray first. Mom and I waited with Jordan to see a GI doctor after the X-ray. After she heard what was going on, checked Jordan out, and reviewed his X-ray, she admitted him to the hospital. She was concerned that he was dehydrating and that he had an abnormally high amount of fluid in his stomach. He had a gastric emptying study performed the next day (Thursday). The study showed that he did in fact have a mild gastric emptying delay. We were later told that although it was “mild” at the time of the test, it can fluctuate up or down depending on what he eats and how much he eats. He was on a liquid diet until Friday night, when he was discharged.
A dog came around to visit with the kids. Jordan wasn't too sure he wanted him on his bed!!

Jordan never stops...even with the IV pole!

                Since this hospital stay, Jordan has been on a low dose antibiotic treatment that he takes 3 times a day (or before each meal) to help speed up his gastric emptying. He also has a scope scheduled for Monday, April 25th. It will be his 4th scope. Depending upon what the scope and biopsies show, we will figure out the next step. If he does have eosinophils this time, we will begin an elimination diet. Please keep us in your prayers as we all prepare for his scope.