Monday, October 8, 2012

Video/Tri for EoE

    On Saturday, October 20th, Walt and his brother Brian will be competing in the Beach2Battleship Half-Ironman Triathlon in Wilmington, NC. ( ) They will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles. A great family from our church (thanks Faurot family) created a video about Jordan and EoE in order to help raise money for Apfed's Hope on the Horizon Grant ( All of the money donated will go straight to eosinophil related research. You can click on the "Donate to Apfed in Honor of Jordan" tab on the right in order to link straight to Apfed's donation webpage. Please support Walt, Brian, our family, and so many people who are suffering from Eosinophil related diseases by donating to Apfed.
    We hope you will watch our video to learn more about Jordan's life with EoE. For the first few years of his life, Jordan stayed sick and underwent numerous tests and hospital visits before being diagnosed in December 2010. Please watch our video and consider donating to Apfed in his honor. Thanks!


Scope #9

    Back in June, Jordan began food trialing turkey. After eating it for a short period of time, it became evident that Jordan was "failing" turkey. He became very sick, started to wake up crying, and had food refluxing back up into his mouth. Upon visiting his GI, we decided to pull turkey, cancel his scope, wait a few weeks, and start food trialing white potato. Jordan started eating  white potato around the end of July/beginning of August. Although he was not too fond of a plain baked potato, he has since fallen in love with Cape Cod chips that are made from just potatoes and oil. We had mixed feelings about how the potato trial was going because Jordan began to complain off and on about stomach pains. We also saw a decrease in how much Splash he was drinking. However, we didn't feel as though the symptoms were near as severe as they were with turkey, so we pressed on another few weeks.
      On September 12th, Randi, her Mom, Jordan, and Nathan all traveled to Greenville, SC to see Dr. Markowitz. We spent the night at the Ronald McDonald House once again. Who wouldn't love this playroom at Ronald McDonald?!!

         Jordan's scope was the next morning (Sept. 13th). Although the visuals looked good, we had to wait for the biopsy results. Dr. M. thought his esophagus looked pretty "normal" but he did see a suspicious spot in his stomach that was biopsied. The next week, we found out that Jordan passed white potato!! Praise the Lord!! At the same time, we found out that Jordan was positive for H-pylori. The H-pylori bacteria caused him to have gastritis, which explained his stomach pains and lack of eating. Jordan had to be treated with double antibiotics for 10 days in hopes to kill off the H-pylori.We had to wait at least 2 weeks before starting a new food trial to ensure the gastritis was healed.
Jordan and his biggest fan, his baby brother Nathan

Sleeping good!

         Our next food trial, at Jordan's request, is carrots! We will update soon on his progress! 

Where have we been?!!

       Since we have taken a short vacation from the blogging world, we thought we would update you on what we have been doing through pictures!! Here are some pics from the last few months!!

In June.....We had an awesome family vacation to Dollywood!! We also went swimming, had lots of "brother time," Jordan graduated from Preschool, we had the boys pictures made together, and much more!

In July and August....We spent time at Holden Beach with family, went to the Fireworks, Jordan started Kindergarten, and we spent lots more "brother time!" 

 In September....We started playing soccer, went the zoo with Church, watched Walt and Brian compete at the White Lake Triathlon, and continued to enjoy Kindergarten each day!


 We are staying busy with 2 active boys!!

Nathan Miller Wood is born!

Being that he is now 5 months old, we thought it was only fitting to announce that Jordan now has a baby brother, Nathan! Nathan was born on April 22 at Moore Regional Hospital. He was 8 pounds, 15 ounces!! Unfortunately, Nathan was hospitalized in the NICU for 7 days due to Aspiration Pneumonia. He was such a trooper (and continues to be) during his stay! Jordan is such an awesome big brother! He loves Nathan, and Nathan loves Jordan just as much!!


      The million dollar question...will Nathan, or does Nathan, have EoE?? Our answer....we are praying not! Nathan did have lots of trouble the first few weeks of life as far as drinking was concerned. We switched from breastmilk and Enfamil to Good Start to Alimentum to Nutramigen to Elecare!! He also takes Prevacid 2 times a day and Reglan 4 times a day. Our current “thought” is that Nathan has a milk and soy protein allergy. Once we start introducing foods to Nathan, we will know more!
    God truly blessed our family in the fact that Randi was able to take a year off of work to stay home with Nathan and Jordan (half-day anyway). Our family of four is complete!