Thursday, August 18, 2011

Insurance Coverage for Formula

Parents who have children diagnosed with eosinophilic diseases go through many struggles during their life. This video is just a glimpse of one of them. Most private insurance companies refuse to cover formula like Elecare and Splash that have been scientifically proven to decrease or eliminate symptoms.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swim Practice for Pinehurst

I needed some open water practice for the next triathlon, so I went to Ledbetter Lake today to swim. I'm not really sure how far it was, but it seemed like 700-800 yards. I swam to the piece of land that sticks out in the middle of the picture. Evidently, there aren't many people who swim in this lake because I had some boaters ask my wife if I was ok and needed help.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Allergy Testing...again!

       On Tuesday, July 12th, Nana Cindy drove us back down to Greenville, SC to have a skin prick test and to have food patch testing. Jordan was pricked 50 times between his two arms. Just like his skin prick testing in Chapel Hill, no immediate allergies came up on his arms. (This is common in children with EoE because the reactions are delayed and not usually immediate reactions like an anaphylactic reaction.)

Jordan was quite upset after the prick test!

      After the skin prick testing was complete, the nurse put on 28 food patches. We came back to Rockingham and then returned to Greenville that Thursday to have them removed and read.

      Jordan had a terrible reaction to the tape that was all over his back. His whole back was bright red! He was a trooper the whole time and continued say things through his tears about the nurse like, “I know her is just doing her job” and “her is beautiful.” We returned on Friday morning to have the doctor give the final “reading” about what foods were positive. The list included dairy, soy, pork, beef, almonds, peas, green beans, carrots, squash, oats, rye, and sunflower. We have since eliminated all of these foods from his diet and have mostly relied on 6 Splash (EO28) a day and Elecare formula for his nutrition.

Tape removed


Thursday readings

     Since returning home from his appointments in Greenville, we have also noticed a reaction to fresh peaches and possibly a few more things. God has seen us through this far, and we know that he will continue to guide us through this journey.

Summer Fun

      Although Jordan has had quite a rough journey in some ways this summer, he has had several great experiences as well! Here are just a few pictures from our family summer fun!
Ocean Isle Beach Vacation
Jordan and his cousin Graysen

Having some fun!

On the way to the fireworks on July 4th.
Jordan visited the cavities!

Vacation Bible School - The Big Apple Adventure

Greenville, SC Children's Museum

"Checking out" at the children's museum

Ocean Isle Beach

Jordan loved his new net!

Before riding the Ferry over to Fort Fisher