Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scope #6

On August 15th, Jordan had his 6th scope at Chapel Hill. Unfortunately, we once again did not get the results we had hoped for. Because Jordan’s eosinophil count was still elevated, we had to eliminate corn and wheat from his diet. As far as we know, Jordan is now allergic to dairy, soy, sunflower, beef, pork, carrots, rye, oats, squash, green beans, peas, almonds, peaches, wheat, and corn. What do you feed a four year old who is allergic to all of those?!! Jordan’s diet consists of 6 Splash (by Neocate) a day, fruit, allergy free cookies, apple juice popsicles, and some times coconut milk ice cream. God remains faithful...he especially has given Jordan an amazing personality that allows him to deal with his restrictions on a daily basis.

Jordan getting checked-in

All set!

Jordan practices putting on the mask with an anesthesiologist.