Monday, October 8, 2012

Video/Tri for EoE

    On Saturday, October 20th, Walt and his brother Brian will be competing in the Beach2Battleship Half-Ironman Triathlon in Wilmington, NC. ( ) They will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles. A great family from our church (thanks Faurot family) created a video about Jordan and EoE in order to help raise money for Apfed's Hope on the Horizon Grant ( All of the money donated will go straight to eosinophil related research. You can click on the "Donate to Apfed in Honor of Jordan" tab on the right in order to link straight to Apfed's donation webpage. Please support Walt, Brian, our family, and so many people who are suffering from Eosinophil related diseases by donating to Apfed.
    We hope you will watch our video to learn more about Jordan's life with EoE. For the first few years of his life, Jordan stayed sick and underwent numerous tests and hospital visits before being diagnosed in December 2010. Please watch our video and consider donating to Apfed in his honor. Thanks!


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  1. Hello! I found your blog, because my son was recently diagnosed with EOE and I'm trying to find anything and everything I can. I really loved the music in your video. Could you tell me who sings it and what the title is? Really inspirational. I understand why you cannot keep the blog up (there's so much to do with EOE) but I hope that you will see my comment. I also noticed that your son had South Carolina as a location for one of his scopes. We are currently in Utah, and are thinking about moving out to NC. Are there good treatment centers there? Any info you have would be appreciated. Much love! Megan from me at